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Shipping FAQs

Man Up is shipped by Sendle - Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and using 100% biodegradable, compostable satchels.

Domestic shipping (Australia) - 1-3 business days. May take a little longer if a rural address.

International shipping - 10-14 business days approx. Can be sooner.

Man Up ships to only Australia and New Zealand (at this stage).

Free shipping for orders $90 or over.

There is no express delivery option. Products shipped from Sydney, Australia.

Returns FAQs

If you are not 100% satisfied with your product(s) or if they are damaged in any way, let us know and we will send you a replacement or issue a full refund.

Are the products vegan / sustainable / ethical / cruelty free etc?

Man Up products:

- are cruelty free

- are vegan and animal friendly

- are paraben & SLS free

- use ingredients that are sustainably and ethically produced

- are housed in fully recyclable containers and packaging

- are Australian made

- have been SPF, broad-spectrum, stability and preservative tested

Can my age and skin type use Man Up products?

Yes! Man Up products are designed to be suitable for ALL AGES and ALL SKIN TYPES.

Subscription FAQs

Subscription is for four total purchases/deliveries of the complete Man Up Package. After receiving your fourth delivery you will have the option to continue on the subscription model or cancel. If continuing on the subscription, you are only locked into one delivery/purchase at a time (not four again) and can cancel anytime.

We will ship you out your Man Up Package every 3-months automatically (approximately how long the products will last if used as directed). If you need your products sooner or later than 3 months apart, just let us know and we'll adjust delivery.

The money will only be charged to your card on the day we deliver your package each time.

How long will/do the products last?

If using the products as directed (daily for Day & Night, twice daily for Shower) and the amount per application (2-3 pumps for Day & Night, 1-2 pumps for Shower), your Man Up products have been designed to last you approximately 3 months.

The products also have a 2 year shelf life, so will still be effective up to 2 years, so you can take your time using them if you prefer.

Ideally, we recommend storing your products in a cool, dark place or room, not exposed to direct sunlight (for best longevity and key ingredient stability).

How do I apply the products correctly?


DAY: Apply after your morning shower to a clean, completely dry face. 2-3 pumps is enough. Apply evenly and gently across your whole face using your fingertips. Make sure to particularly target the ageing areas (bags, crows feet, forehead, cheeks and nose). Clean shaved or short stubble: finish with the rest of the lower face, chin and neck. If you have facial hair, feel free to skip these areas. Ideally, avoid sweating for 20 minutes. Used once daily.

NIGHT: Apply before bed after your shower to a clean, completely dry face. 2-3 pumps is enough. Apply evenly and gently across your whole face using your fingertips. Make sure to particularly target the ageing areas (bags, crows feet, forehead, cheeks and nose). Clean shaved or short stubble: finish with the rest of the lower face, chin and neck. If you have facial hair, feel free to skip these areas. Night may be applied slightly more heavily than Day (which should be lightly applied). Used once nightly.

SHOWER: Apply in the shower to a wet face, before rinsing off under running water straight after. 1-2 pumps is enough. Using both hands, apply in circular motions, making sure to cover your whole face and neck. You don't have to scrub hard - the ingredients will do the job for you. Used twice daily.

NOTE: Day and Night will work best when applied directly after using Shower. Shower is crucial to clean and remove everything off your face, prepping your skin for Day and Night to be their most effective.

Who can and who should use Man Up?

Everyone can use Man Up skin care products. That includes adults, elderly, children, teens, men and women. All skin types.

Skin ageing typically starts at age 25, so if you are near this age or over it, Man Up is especially appropriate for you.

Why do I need to wear SPF in my daily skin care process? What does SPF 15 and Broad Spectrum mean?

Sun damage is the cause of up to 90% of premature skin ageing. The number one, most important thing you must do in skin care to keep your skin young is protect your face from damage from UV rays. You need broad spectrum SPF as part of your daytime product and skin care routine.

Man Up Day is Broad Spectrum SPF 15. SPF 15 means it will take 15 times as long for your skin to redden than it would if you weren’t wearing any sunscreen. SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays. Broad Spectrum means that it helps protect the skin from UVA rays as well as UVB rays.

Why should Man Up Night only be used at night time?

Retinol (Vitamin A), the superstar of anti-ageing and hallmark ingredient of Man Up Night, makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so is best used at night. Retinol is also itself extremely sensitive to light and will break down with light-exposure, so is less effective as an ingredient during the day.

Why do I feel a tingling / stinging sensation on my face with using Man Up Night?

You may or may not feel a tingling or slight stinging sensation/feeling on your skin initially with using Man Up Night. This is normal. This is caused by the ingredient Retinol (Vitamin A).

Your skin will adjust to Retinol and get used to it's effect within 2-3 weeks typically, and then you will no longer feel anything. If you find the initial sensation uncomfortable, we suggest you apply Man Up Night every second night only to begin with, and go for a light application of the moisturiser, until your skin adjusts and you no longer feel anything. Then you can transition to every night use.

Retinol is the best and most important anti-ageing ingredient on the market. We have chosen a concentration of Retinol that has been proven to provide the most effective anti-ageing results, but is still safe for all skin types.